About Us

FalconPro Industries   is a manufacturer and distributor of premium quality automotive and janitorial products. Established in 1983, FalconPro Industries is dedicated to developing premium quality and maintaining high quality control standards. We also distribute some of the top brands in automotive and professional cleaners in the market. When it comes to top brands, quality and dependability the pros trust "FalconPro.".

Originally established in 1983 as Florida Aromatic, we evolved into who we are today. Falconpro has customers within the United States as well as international customers. We currently ship to customers in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago, Colombia, and many more. We are a family run business that believes in personal relationships and one-on-one service.

We believe that the most important thing is to offer our customers many different options. Products used by carwashes, detailers, a body shop or an auto auction are all quite different from each other. There are even differences within the same category. Some of the time, speed is most important, other times quality is most important, and sometimes the best compromise between speed and quality is the solution.